Saturday, May 9, 2009

Five Special Diet Tricks

People in my family have many food allergies and sensitivities so I learned these five tricks for dealing with special diets and hope they will help you, too. Trick # 1. Homework : *Always read labels even on familiar products. *Contact manufacturers and ask questions. *Call restaurants in advance to see if they can meet your needs. Trick # 2. Communication: *Explain the reasons for the diet to family members, teachers, etc. Trick # 3. Planning: *Cook a lot of allowable foods and freeze part for future use. *Always carry safe snacks with you. Trick # 4. Networking *Find related organizations on the internet or in your phonebook and contact them. *Share ideas and information with friends, even if their diets aren’t the same. Trick # 5. Creativity *Modify and invent your own recipes. *Try new foods like unusual flours and exotic fruits and vegetables (This information is from my book, Dealing With Different Diets, © 2003 Janet Ann Collins.)

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