Saturday, August 29, 2009

Equine Therapy Books for Kids

Mary Jean Kelso has written a series of books for kids about a boy named Andy, who has a disability, and his relationship with an albino horse named Spirit. Because of his different appearance Spirit had been bullied by the other wild horses, but was later tamed for use as an equine therapy horse who helps Andy gain confidence and cope with another kid who bullies him. I don't want to give away the plots so I won't tell any more about those, but I highly recommend The Andy and the Albino Horse series to help kids understand what it's like to have special needs.
Those who like horses will enjoy learning about how horseback riding can help other children and will appreciate the beautiful horses in the illustrations by K. C. Snider.
These books are fun to read and each one includes interesting information at the end.
Part of the proceeds from this series go to help organizations that provide therapy horses in real life.

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