Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Sometimes people with special needs can't get the medical help they need where they live. This is especially true of people outside of urban areas since most hospitals that provide advanced, specialized treatment are likely to be in or near cities.
If only one treatment is needed people will go to the necessary place and return home within a few days or a week, but what if repeated or extended treatments are necessary? Is it better for families to leave their homes and move so one person can get care?
That depends on a lot of factors. Can they afford it? How difficult would the move be? Is the person needing care a child or an adult? Would family members need to change jobs or schools? Would it be possible for the person in need of care to stay in an assisted living facility? Could other family members stay with a friend or relative for frequent visits?
This sort of situation requires lots of decisions and isn't easy for anyone in the household, but it all comes down to one question; would the value of the treatment be worth it?

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