Saturday, April 3, 2010


"Sometimes you just have to forgive God," said the pastor after I shared my problems.
What?!?! That didn't make sense.
I thought forgiving was what someone powerful might do instead of punishing somebody weaker, so how could I forgive God?
But the dictionary said the word "forgive" doesn't only mean choosing not to seek punishment, but also choosing not to feel resentment, and that was certainly something I could do. My kids still had disabilities and my health didn't improve, but my attitude certainly did and, as a result, I was able to handle the problems much better.

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  1. of the things I speak to women about is forgiveness: 1.) self 2.) of others 3.) of God. It sprains peoples' brains at first...since God can do no wrong. But my perception of how he has "done me wrong" subtly affect how I respond to him in my walk through this life. Thank you for speaking about this, too.