Wednesday, April 28, 2010


As a kid I got allergy shots for several years. I've known other children who had to have regular injections because of diabetes and there are other conditions requiring frequent needles.
Nobody enjoys getting stuck, but there's an advantage to having it happen frequently; you get used to it and shots don't scare you. If you're used to them and don't tense up, they hurt much less so soon there's nothing to be scared about.
Once some other kids saw me get my allergy shot without flinching and they thought I was amazingly brave. Even as an adult, I've had people express admiration for my lack of fear when I get flu shots.
Needles aren't pleasant, but they not only can make a difference in people's health, they can help with self esteem, too.

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  1. I hate anything that has to do with needles. I'm diabetic so far thankfully been able to control through diet. Haven't had to give myself shot yet; however, I do regularly have to monitor my sugar levels. I don't give blood good at all. Small, deep, vain that move. When I have to do blood work they can count on it taking about 1 hour and several techs and pokes later to get my blood. ARGH!!!