Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Internet Resources

There are lots of websites about various special needs. For example, here's one about a lot of neurological problems:

Of course it's important to be sure the sites you visit are legitimate, responsible ones. Some are by companies or individuals just wanting to sell their own products or services and others are by individuals who are well-meaning but misinformed.

One of the safest is http://www.

Support groups for just about any condition can be found at

Again it’s important to be careful about what you read there. Members can post anything so there’s no guarantee the information is accurate. Also, it’s important that the groups be well moderated because members, who may be under stress because of the special needs they’re dealing with, might become upset about posts they dislike from other people. If you join an internet support group it might be wise to read past posts and lurk for a few days before participating.

But having immediate access to information through the internet can be a wonderful help.

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