Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Asthma Poem

As a child I had severe, chronic asthma and was sometimes hospitalized and put on oxygen. Yesterday I found a poem I wrote for my doctor when I was twelve years old and will share it here:
Twenty thousand kinds of pills
Twenty times a day,
And they shoot me all the time to
Make the asthma stay away.
But my sheet is very wrinkled
And the pillow hurts my head
And my feet are getting tangled
At the bottom of the bed.
I listen and I listen
For her footsteps on the floor,
And I'm happy when I see that
Doctor Bennett's at the door,
For I know she'll fix the bed
so it doesn't hurt my head
And make my life worth living,
Now, once more.
She has a very pleasing personality, you know,
And she makes me well
When I am sick
And helps me grow and grow.
I'm always glad to see her
Even when I get a shot.
Most people make them hurt but
When she gives them, they do not.
Lots of doctors try to bribe you
With balloons and lollypops,
But I'm glad my doctor doesn't
Because I think she's tops.

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