Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cervical Collars

Once I fell and chipped a bone in my neck. As a result I had to wear a cervical collar for six weeks, and the first day I was allowed to remove it the car I was riding in got rear-ended. I had to wear the collar often after that because of the resulting whiplash injury. The "physical therapist" my HMO sent me to was actually an incompetent chiropractor who ruined every joint in my spine and I still have neck and back pain nearly 40 years later.
Obviously I've had lots of experience wearing cervical collars and I've learned one very important thing: if the collar is a foam one, don't let it get wet in the rain! Those foam collars are basically made of the same material as a sponge, and will absorb and hold the moisture. If the collar can't be removed, the resulting discomfort can last for days.

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