Thursday, September 15, 2011

Autism Help?

Last night I met someone at a writers' group who told me his autistic son has improved amazingly since he has been on a special diet. Apparently people with autism digest foods, especially dairy and gluten, differently that other people do. Here's a link that man gave me to a website with information about many studies about that:


  1. Interesting. Speaking of autism, I watched a few episodes recently of a (Syfy?) show called "Alphas" where all the characters have special abilities. One of the main characters is autistic. He was my favorite character. I thought the actor does a great job portraying him. And speaking of other special needs, there's also a show this season called "Switched at Birth" where several of the main characters are either deaf or can converse easily with the deaf characters in ASL.

  2. Thanks, Ellen.

    I don't watch TV except for the news, but those sound like interesting shows.