Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Politically Correct or Not

When I was young people used terms like "Moron," "Crazy" or "Deaf and Dumb" to describe people, but as a result of the Civil Rights Movement derogatory terms like that became no longer acceptable.  Among other changes, "Deaf" became "Hearing Impaired," "Handicapped" became "Disabled," and "Disabilities" became "Special Needs." However, people still can't seem to agree on what is acceptable and terms keep getting switched around. Perhaps that is because some folks think the conditions themselves are something to be ashamed of. 
Well, they're not. 
No two humans are alike and, no matter if people have or don't have physical or mental limitations, they're people first and deserve to be treated as such. So let's quit worrying about the terminology and be friends.

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