Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More on Teaching

     While I was a substitute teacher I would usually teach six-week summer school classes of kids with special needs. 
     One morning I read a book about a girl who wished she could be her wealthy friend to my class of kids with learning disabilities. Then I went around the circle and asked each student, "If you could be anyone you wanted, who would you be?"  
Since the students were mostly boys, the majority of them said they wished they could be their favorite super heroes, which wasn't surprising. 
     The boy at the end of the row had Cerebral Palsy so he used a wheelchair and had great difficulty using his hands and speaking. When it was his turn to answer my question he managed to get out the words, "I... like ... to... be... me."
     It happened that his family went to the same church I did, so I knew they were loving and supportive, and had obviously taught him what was really important in life.
     That was years ago, but sometimes even now when I have problems and start wishing my life were different or that I were capable of things I can't do, remembering that boy's words helps me appreciate what I do have.

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  1. Would that we could all be happy with who we are. A friend told me yesterday that she heard a story that would make me "happy to have the child that I have" and it made me think...Yes there are times that I'm frustrated with my children (each for different reasons) but I AM also happy to have each of them in my life just as they are and with hope for who they will be. I hope I can communicate that well with them and with everyone around me!