Saturday, June 27, 2009

Service Cat

     A while back I took care of a friend's service dog while she was having medical treatment. The dog was happy to get out of his own yard when he wasn't working so it was okay to sniff around and socialize with other dogs and humans.
     Service dogs are a tremendous help to people who need them, but have you ever known a service cat? I have.
     Years ago I knew one that belonged to a deaf couple. That was before blinking light doorbells had been invented. The man had tied a cat toy to a long string and fastened the other end of the string to a ceiling light fixture in the center of the living room. They kept the toy fastened very lightly to the inside of the front door. If someone knocked on the door the toy would fall off, swing across the room, and the cat would jump after it so they always knew if someone had come to visit. 
     But that's not all. The cat would come wake them up if their baby cried during the night. It would nudge them and lead them to the baby if it cried in the daytime, too. It was a wonderful help to that family.
     I wonder what other animals have been helpful to people with special needs.

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