Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wheel Chairs

     When I was young it was rare to see people using wheelchairs in public places because before the Americans With Disabilities act it was nearly impossible for them to get around. Ramps in public buildings and curb cuts on street corners have made life much easier.
     Motorized chairs have also made life a lot easier for people who need them. And it's possible, though it can be expensive, to get homes remodeled so the bathrooms and kitchens are useable by people who can't stand or walk.
     But there's one problem that still exists. Lots of times when people see someone in a wheelchair they don't look them in the face. If someone else is standing or walking with them, those people will address the companions and act as if the one in the chair isn't even there. How rude!
     Maybe the people who can't figure out the obvious fact that using a wheelchair doesn't make someone less human are the ones with the serious disability.

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