Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My CFS Journey, Part 5

After 12 years I finally got out of the HMO and found a doctor who actually believed I was sick. He gave me an anti-viral drug, and it didn't seem to do anything but give me terrible side effects. Perhaps my symptoms improved slightly, but not for long. Two years later another doctor insisted on giving me the same drug again and that time it did permanent neurological damage, giving me a learning disability, but still didn't help with the CFS. At least those doctors didn't think I was crazy, so that was an improvement. And their tests showed I still (or again?) had mononucleosis.

Because I'd had multiple cortisone injections in my neck near the time I first became sick I thought there might be a hormone-related problem, but tests showed my cortisol levels were normal. I hoped when I reached menopause my symptoms would improve, but that made no difference at all.

But in my next post I'll share what did make a tremendous difference. Unfortunately it's not an option for many people.

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