Saturday, November 7, 2009

My CFS Journey Part 6

Years after what I mentioned in my last post a doctor wanted to give me Hormone Replacement Therapy because I was at risk for osteoporosis but all those meds had inactive ingredients I was allergic to. Finally he discovered an injectable form of estrogen and one brand of progesterone pills I could use. I got the injection, but when I tried to fill the prescription for the pills the pharmacist said they had been discontinued that same week.

I had horrendous side effects for nearly eight months. Besides having to go through menopause all over again with much more severe symptoms I was constantly getting cramps in my hands, feet, and legs that kept waking me up at night. It was a horrible experience.

But at the end of the eight months my CFS symptoms had disappeared!

That was nine years ago and since then my energy level has been perfectly normal, although I still have all the allergies and have gotten a few more. I haven't been tested again for mono so I don't know if that virus is completely gone from my system or not.

Last year my allergist had me try eating the foods high in sulphur and within two weeks the CFS kind of fatigue had returned mildly, so apparently I'm not completely over the disease. Obviously I'll never eat those foods again. But otherwise, except for the allergies, I've been fine.

No doctor can figure out exactly why and I'd like this to make sense, but I'm extremely grateful for the best health I've had in decades.

It's not likely that doctors will give other women estrogen shots without progesterone and obviously men can't be given those hormones so, unfortunately, what helped me so dramatically probably won't help many other people. But perhaps hearing about it could help researchers figure out what causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and what can be done to help others who have it. I'm sharing my story in hopes it will get to someone who can use it to make a difference.

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