Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Asthma and Tourette Syndrome

Dianne Danzig, is a nurse and the author of books for children. She was kind enough to send this information for me to share here:

Regarding asthma - both of my sons have asthma and allergies and were diagnosed as toddlers. I'm also certified as an asthma educator and taught asthma ed to families for years, so asthma is important to me. Some good websites are below. One of my sons also has Tourette Syndrome, so I included a website for that as well.

1) - Allergy and Asthma Network/Mothers of Asthmatics ("An-Mah")

- I used to volunteer for this organization. Offers practical information for families with children with asthma - with school, camp, sports, understanding meds, latest medical treatments/meds/products, questions for MDs. AANMA also is involved in Wash DC to educate legislators on the challenges of living with asthma.

2) - Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America ("A-Fah", the first "a" is like the a in "mat")

- Also has excellent asthma education, info about consumer products like vacuums/washing machines/etc, referrals to support groups/allergists, info for health professionals, research, etc.

3) - National Jewish Health

- National Jewish is in Denver. Great place for diagnosis/treatment/helping patients learn about managing asthma. I especially appreciate its Lung Line - Ask an Expert service. For no charge, you can e-mail or call Lung Line and get info, even if you or your family is not being treated there. I called them a few times when the boys were younger and the nurses were really helpful.

Lung line ---

4) - Tourette Syndrome Association. Everything about Tourette - what it is, treatments, education, advocacy, public policy fundraising, support/referral, more.

Hope this is useful.

I'm sure it will be. Thank you, Dianne.

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