Saturday, June 6, 2009

All the Way Full

     Trying to explain the difference between an optimist and a pessimist, the teacher held up a glass of water.

     “Is this half empty or half full?” she asked.

     Thinking it was a trick science question, my daughter Annie replied, “Neither. It’s all the way full;  half with water and half with air.”

     We live in a wonderful world. God’s glory is revealed everywhere from subatomic particles to galaxies. There are plenty of reasons to be thankful.

     We also live in a fallen world, full of wars, crime, economic problems, physical and emotional suffering, and other terrible things.

     It isn’t necessary to choose between seeing the bad or looking at the good. We can have the courage to face the one while rejoicing in the other, because we know visible things are only a part of what is really there.

      I’ve had my share of troubles, but remembering my little girl’s wise words has helped me look for the invisible blessings that fill my cup to overflowing. For example, people with special needs often connect with each other and easily form friendships because of the experiences they share, and they appreciate their blessings more than most others do.

     And ultimately the unseen and eternal things are most important. No matter what difficulties may surround us, our lives can be filled to the brim with faith, hope, love, and the constant fellowship of our God.

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